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Partner Information

Dear prospective partners, we are glad to introduce Business Class Agency to you.

Business Class Agency is one of the leading study abroad agencies in the East Region of the Russian Federation. It was formed in 1999. We focus on sending Russian students to study abroad to many destinations all over the world. Business Class promotes a whole range of programs and educational opportunities including: Cultural exchange programs (Work and Travel USA), Language Studies, Internships. We recruit both individuals and groups living in different cities of our Region such as Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Khabarovsk, Magadan, Sakhalin and others.

We offer a full spectrum of educational programs ranging from language courses to postgraduate degrees.

  • High school exchange programs
  • Language courses for adults, teenagers, children, and businessmen (individual and group)
  • Private boarding and day schools
  • Private school preparation courses
  • University preparation courses (Foundation, Access, Pre-Master’s, Pre-MBA, etc.)
  • College/university programs (direct entry, counselling on application processes, etc.)
  • International universities
  • Institutes of hotel management

Such a wide choice of study options enables us to offer our clients long term co-operation as we help them develop their educational strategy for the years ahead.

Our managers have extensive experience and profound knowledge of educational establishments and courses that we promote. We have personally visited most of our partner organizations.

Every student is the subject of deep personal attention. We individually screen and interview each student in order to reveal his/her ambitions, personality, level of maturity, independence, and adaptability. We analyze our clients’ academic and career objectives, academic achievements, professional experience, and test for language comprehension. Only then do we offer a suitable program.

Moreover, we conduct a pre-departure orientation for all students and parents, at which we introduce the key issues and challenges that students could be exposed to during the duration of their chosen program.

To our partner organizations we offer different kinds of promotional activities, including placing their information on our web-site, mass media and TV advertizing, organization of personal presentations and seminars, etc. 

We started promoting English language courses in 1999 (in the USA mostly), but now send students to over 14 countries including UK , USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Malta, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China. 

We support all of our students on all aspects including visa information and medical insurance importance. We assist our clients in completing visa application, make qualified English translation for visa process and coordinate the whole process from the first inquiry to their return to home country.

Our company provides services of very high quality. We value the reputation of our agency and provide our clients, partners and Embassies with fair and trustworthy information.

We carry out our advertising campaign on a large scale including TV, radio and newspapers. We are proud of having a large percent of established clients who always recommend us to their friends.

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Our address and telephones:
Business Class Agency
6A Beregovaya street, 3rd floor
Vladivostok, 690091, Russian Federation
Tel: +7 4232 222 619, tel/fax: +7 4232 205 106
e-mail: agency@bcls.ru